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There are a number of ways to download Sculpin. The easiest way is to download the phar. Most of the examples will assume this is how Sculpin has been installed. Depending on what you want to do, your level of experience with Sculpin, and your level of experience with Composer, one of the other options may be more appropriate.

Confused about which option is best for your use case? Ask the Sculpin community! They will be happy to help. :)

Download the Phar

Downloading sculpin.phar is the best way to get up and running with Sculpin since it is a ready to run self-contained archive. You can download it like this:

curl -O

You can execute Sculpin by running php sculpin.phar but if you want to skip the php part, you can make sculpin.phar executable like this:

chmod +x sculpin.phar

To make things even easier, sculpin.phar can be renamed to sculpin like this:

mv sculpin.phar sculpin

Finally, if you move sculpin to your path it can be run from anywhere. For example, assuming ~/bin is in your $PATH, you can do the following:

mv sculpin ~/bin/

That's it! You're all set to run Sculpin. :)

You can also download stable releases of Sculpin at the following URLs:

Download via Composer

Sculpin can be added to any existing Composer managed project by simply requiring Sculpin (and a couple of other dev dependencies) in composer.json.

    "require": {
        "sculpin/sculpin": "~2.0",

        "dflydev/embedded-composer-console": "@dev",
        "dflydev/embedded-composer-core": "@dev",
        "composer/composer": "@dev"

Sculpin currently relies on Embedded Composer and Composer, neither of which have a stable release. In order to avoid having to set minimum-stability to dev, these packages can be flagged as @dev to ensure Composer will install everything correctly.

By default this will install Sculpin to vendor/bin/sculpin.

Important Notice Regarding Composer

Installation via Composer is considered advanced functionality. Running a globally installed version of Sculpin against a project that has Sculpin included via Composer can have unexpected results. Never mix and match!

Download via Git

Sculpin can be downloaded via git to be used while being under development. Either clone the Sculpin project directly or fork and clone the fork.

git clone
cd sculpin
composer install

At this point, bin/sculpin should be usable.

If you want to make your development version of Sculpin available, create a symlink to it from somewhere in your $PATH. For example, to create a sculpin-dev command and assuming that ~/bin is in your $PATH, execute the following:

ln -s ~/sculpin/bin/sculpin ~/bin/sculpin-dev

This will allow you to have a globally installed version of Sculpin (like maybe sculpin.phar) along side a development version of Sculpin (sculpin-dev).

Important Notice Regarding Git

Installation via git is considered advanced functionality. This method of downloading Sculpin is only recommended for people who intend to work directly on Sculpin itself.